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Online Chat

Want to begin chatting with others online now? If you have a website and want your visitors to be able to contact and communicate with you instantly and in real time, live chat is the only way to go.

For your website visitor, it means that there are no costs and they don’t have to wait for hours for your response. Other visitors to the website can respond on your behalf. It works exactly the same way like social media channels: they just need to start writing in a messenger window.

Low cost – Chat with other people around the world

Live chat doesn’t cost much and can be a great way to build up a community. This is mainly because live chat enables your team members to multitask and assist several visitors at once. It saves companies a huge amount on personnel costs.

A low-barrier option

Live chat is accessible. To begin, you simply need to sign in with your Google login, this prevents abuse and ensures chat messages are tied to an unique identification. To begin chatting, simply see our simple tutorial on the next page.

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