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Call to Phone

What is virtual phone number?

Need to call your customers with a pre-recorded message? Simply use our phone number service. This online service allows you to call any phone number around the world with a pre-defined message you may have.

3 amazing benefits of using virtual phone numbers to contact customers

1. Cost Savings

When using a Virtual Phone System, call charges are generally much cheaper than traditional based carriers on local, mobile and international calls. Additionally, whenever you have an internet connection, you have access to the rates you have agreed to so there are no expensive roaming charges overseas, and there is no need for expensive line rentals as your number is hosted in the cloud.

2. Local Business Presence

Most existing and potential customers prefer dealing with a local service provider. Using virtual numbers allows your business to establish a local presence, even though you may not be physically present. Use of a local virtual number gives you the ability to add a personalized feel to customer contact. Callers also appreciate calling a local number rather than a more expensive long distance one.

3. Quick And Easy To Set Up

Some phones require a lot of lead time to set up, however a virtual phone system is much closer to “plug and play”; in fact, virtual phone numbers can be set up and working in under five minutes from many web based companies.

Try our virtual phone service, there is a free 7 day trial before you get billed for this service. Login now with Google login to make an account.

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